Escape to Tranquility: Elite Wellness Retreat Awaits in Hawaii
​August 9 -11, 2024

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Four Diamond Award
 Resort & Spa 

Renew, Recharge, Reconnect:
Elite Wellness Retreat in O'ahu, Hawaii

You've been feeling disconnected
from your body, mind, and spirit,
going through the motions
of daily life
without a sense of purpose
or fulfillment. 

Isn't it time?

Isn't It Time?

As you seek to align your lifestyle with your values, isn't it time to thrive through transformation?

Elite Wellness From Skin Care to Soul Care
is for High-Achieving Women

Designed to
Unlock Your Best Self:
Experience Elite Wellness in Hawaiian Paradise

Isn't it time
you nurture and energize yourself.                  




                        Elite Wellness Retreat

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We are limited on our accomodations. That means once we’ve reached capacity, we’re closing down this page...

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The Benefits of You Being in Hawaii

 1. Be empowered in managing your Reproductive Health.

 2. Get the keys to unlock the knowledge and use of tools to take charge of your body.

 3. You'll be equipped to make informed decisions and embrace a life of empowered femininity. 

"The serene landscapes of Hawaii  transcends ordinary relaxation." 
   ~ T. Williams

What Past Participants Are Saying:

"This retreat was the reset button I didn't know I desperately needed. I've returned to my role with a new perspective and energy that has transformed my leadership style." -  Theresa W., CEO

"The combination of luxury and deep healing was unlike anything I've experienced. I've made lifelong friends and found a new way to approach my health."
- Lillie Mae H., CFO



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Meet Our Visionary Creatrix
Shifa Ali Scott

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I’m really glad that you’re here.

The first thing that I must say is, You can have it all... If you are willing to create new internal, external and environmental beliefs. Does it scare you to read that?

I get it.

A while ago I sat on the other side of a the same life-changing journey you’re about to take with me. I began creating skincare formulas when I was 14 years old. Started my first business at 17, made my first million by 28, and lost it all a few years later.

I got really scared. I was scared to mess it up or do it wrong.

I was scared that I’d embarrass myself by trying something new and it would fail just like other things in my life.

At my age I was scared that I’d hit my plateau. Scared to be the laughing stock online and with of my family and friends. I would imagine them laughing, saying, “That’s her, the one who tried to have it all. We knew it was impossible!”

Now that I play it back, I can clearly see that no one who loved me was thinking these thoughts, yet, this was the feedback loop that I ran in my head.

Breaking through recurring conditioning in my thinking and learning how to stop thoughts that don’t serve me to my highest good has proven to be one of the most glorious skills for my life.

Our Oneness Wellness Lifestyles movement is a pattern interrupt. A disruption designed to support you to think in new ways,and live guided by your inner essence.  I'm here to serve you and your life to holistic heights of well-being, honoring your deepest values as you stay true to yourself amidst career demands.

Listen. Wherever you are inside of your journey, it’s perfect, in fact it's sacred.
Honor it.

I know that you’re ready to reignite your soul, embrace your feminine power and rewrite your destiny. That’s why you manifested me, this experience and our community.

One more thing, here's a question for you...


​I was too.

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Meet Mz. Felicia Muhammad
​Personal Development Facilitator & S.H.I.T. Shifter
​(S.elf H.ealing I.nner T.alk)

Personal Development Facilitator & S.H.I.T. Shifter
(S.elf H.ealing I.nner T.alk)

​Are you a new entrepreneur or a current business owner in flux, struggling with doubts, fears, and second-guessing your business goals?

We understand the challenges you're facing and we're here to help!

In this moment...
ACKNOWLEDGe Your FEARS, CONCERNS and Limiting Beliefs About What YOU "THINK" is
what you think is not possible for your life. 

 "cast out" these limiting BELIEFS: 

  • ​DOUBT: I don't believe enough in myself to think I could learn something new (internal belief)
  • ​CONCERN: I have no outside help or resources to make my life work as things change (external)
  • ​FEAR: The economy is in recession, and the market is in a downturn (environment)
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Get To Know Us

Meet Paul Scott Jr.

pscottjr SR NFT.png

I am here to help shift you into your worthiness and   

Knowing the disparities in the divisions of “Wealth”, how inflation and the cost of living is twice the value of family savings, choking interest rates and cost of living” increases.

Knowing how bank owners and wealthy families have structured trusts. Thriving while the masses suffer economic defeat.

My experience embodies the “Answers”. Most never knew existed...

Get ready to embrace your "Divine Receivership".

Equal access to equity leverage rates and access to special purpose vehicles (SPVs) that return higher contracted interest yields.

What I've discovered about the essence and P.O.W.E.R. of Oneness is "Divine Receivership".
It has the vibrational frequency to raise your economic reality and level the playing field.

Everyone needs this knowledge, but only some will
Access it NOW! 

I have over 20 years of experience working in all areas of Finance, Banking, and Community Service; and as a Registered International Bank Trader with Dukascopy Switzerland. I can see clearly the global direction and scope of the World’s economic landscape, along with its rapid monetary changes.

Over the years; I’ve seen families in our local communities, raised in middle and upper-middle-class lifestyles, suffer the damages of social economic slippage. Parents reaching the golden years of their lives, after retiring, very soon struggling just to make financial ends meet. 

We get to shift this.

Register to Access your "Divine Receivership" NOW!

Gain an intuitive connection
with your Inner Wellness.

Reconnect with your innate
wisdom, harness your

Embark on a journey
of self-discovery
and alignment with
your true purpose.


FREE BOOK Reveals How We Are Currently Assisting High-Achieving Executive Women Make the Pivotal Shifts That Transformed Their Destiny, Empowering Them to Flourish with Unbridled Vitality.

Register for the Oneness Elite Wellness Details
Receive Your Guide to Vibrant Health and Vitalized Beauty

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do is say, "MAYBE" and the book is yours...
for FREE!


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 Enhance Your Professional Journey

  • ​Here's Why: You deserve this because ambitious go-getters crave  holistic vitality. RIGHT NOW your soul is ready to embrace your feminine power and rewrite your destiny.
  • ​Appeals to Logic & Intellect: Honoring your truth, you align your career with your deepest values, embracing the harmony between well-being and ambition
  • In the Spirit you know it's time to reconnect with your inner essence, setting the foundation for holistic success.
  • Benefits: "Gaining this  System of KNOWLEDGE,  the ALCHEMY of Self-care, Soul care and career success you'll elevate to Wellness Wisdom. 
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Free Coaching

(Value $10,000)

Get 9-Days of Coaching 
by appointment when you enroll in 

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Only 20 sessions available quarterly.
Enroll today schedule your private session before we fill up.  

  • ​Ascend with Authenticity Transform Your Health Elevate Your Life
  • Nurture Your Natural Self Cherish Your Change
  • ​Fuel Your Professional Excellence with Passion and Vitality 
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