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Cultivating Continuing Consciousness

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Saturday, September 16, 2023

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Cultivating Continuing Consciousness

Your  Privacy is Sacred. 
We never sell your information.

Legendary Opportunities
Renewed Possibilities

Changes Lives.

In a decade, I hope you'll look back on this day as a pivotal moment in your life. A moment when you heeded an urgent warning and chose to act. A staggering $40 trillion has been transferred by banks, HNIs, and the wealthy into the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and metaverse economy, creating a new financial reality that leaves those who fear the future of money behind.

May this day be remembered as the one when you decided to safeguard your family's financial well-being and seize the opportunity to profit from the impending financial upheaval.

If you haven't yet participated in our free live Crypto Clarity Conversations or listened to our Blockchain 101 Metaverse Challenge Podcast, hope alone won't suffice.

The choice is yours: embrace this historic monetary shift and wealth transfer or let fear hold you back. I urgently recommend that you prepare for the new financial landscape that is rapidly unfolding.

We are witnessing the largest wealth transfer in human history, and it's happening right now. The goal of the "elite class" is to create a world with only the wealthy and the poor, and many will be caught unprepared, facing financial hardship. This isn't just about Bitcoin; it's a global phenomenon affecting every industry.

Remember the meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2017, when its value soared to $19,000? Early investors reaped massive profits. Even now, as global markets decline and inflation looms, Bitcoin remains a well-established store of value. The truth is, we are still in the very early stages of the Bitcoin blockchain, metaverse, and cryptocurrency revolution, presenting us all with opportunities as significant as those in 2010, if not greater.

As the founder of the Blockchain 101: Hands-On Metaverse Mastery Class, I am dedicated to helping people prosper in this new era. We provide a hands-on approach to understanding, building, and profiting from this historic monetary shift. You can learn everything from the basics to expert-level knowledge.

We created this Series of Classes to teach this crucial knowledge base because, time is of the essence.
The digital movement is accelerating, if you don't
educate yourself now, you risk
being left behind when the paper money
economy shifts and the digital market soars.

Don't let regret haunt you.
Take action today and secure your future.
in this rapidly changing financial landscape
the greatest risk lies in doing nothing.

BENEFITS of  the Financial Shift

  • ​Environment: zero carbon footprint mining
  • Virtual MiningNo physical machines required. Works through your smartphone as a DApp.
  •  ​Generate Income:  Cash flow every 10 minutes as a BTCC COD20 Miner.
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Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur 

I love being at the forefront of change it's where I'm most comfortable.
It's magik!

4th Dimensional Hints:
1 - There is a shift away from everything you believe about how things come to you.

2 - An acceptance and allowing, a detachment from the "how it happens" must become the "new normal".

3 - You have a greater advantage in the times we live in now because the reality on the whole planet has shifted.

4 - The Love motive attracts.
Allow the resources to flow in through whosoever is inspired with a willing heart to help.

5 - You are using your "I Am" Power at every moment as a divine emanation of the One Infinite Creator.
Chose wisely in every now moment.