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New Money Consciousness

Thursday, December 15, 2022

The "New Money" Model of Reality is Leaving Those Who Fear The Future of Money Behind"!

At the same time in the midst of chaos, the planetary consciousness is rising as a New Time is dawning within us all. Change is loose on the planet in every dimension!

The tokenization of "real world assets".

In other words, putting assets like cars, houses, land, and more onto the blockchain.

The potential is so massive that J.P. Morgan, Blackrock, and the Monetary Fund of Singapore are looking to join forces and tokenize $4.5 trillion in real world assets!

This tokenization of assets is a game-changer.

Don't be scared of this, get prepared for it.

It's just a learning curve...

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And could bring massive returns to early adopters. I recommend you get the full story now while it's relatively unknown right now and brand-new.

Economic times are super tough right now... Yet, I expect this trend to rocket overnight. But there's no denying the sheer scope of real-world assets on the blockchain is massive!

We show you how to operate and prosper in the "new money" consciousness step-by-step.

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Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur 

I love being at the forefront of change it's where I'm most comfortable.
It's magik!

4th Dimensional Hints:
1 - There is a shift away from everything you believe about how things come to you.

2 - An acceptance and allowing, a detachment from the "how it happens" must become the "new normal".

3 - You have a greater advantage in the times we live in now because the reality on the whole planet has shifted.

4 - The Love motive attracts.
Allow the resources to flow in through whosoever is inspired with a willing heart to help.

5 - You are using your "I Am" Power at every moment as a divine emanation of the One Infinite Creator.
Chose wisely in every now moment.