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Cultivating Continuing Consciousness

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New Money Consciousness/New Money Consciousness /Pt #1 - The Enlightened Entrepreneur Positively Unfair Advantage

Pt #1 - The Enlightened Entrepreneur Positively Unfair Advantage

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Enlightened Entrepreneur

Evolving Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Part #1: The Seven "Daily Light" Category Behaviors of The Enlightened Entrepreneur's Positive Unfair Advantage (EEPUA) 

Seemingly Unfair To Those Unwilling To Evolve from the
3rd Dimension into 4th Dimensional Beingness.

Build self First.
Next Launch Your Offers. Now Changes Lives.

The Seven Categories of The Enlightened Entrepreneur Behavior for Activating a Positive Unfair Advantage

These seven Categories of 10 precepts each are divided into four sets.  As we engage in the world to manifest abundance our objective is the Awakening and Cultivating of the seed of enlightenment present in all beings through every product development, content creation, encounter, meeting, and transaction.

If you study spirituality without dogma these precepts may already be familiar to you.  I've applied universal principles and "humanity plus" behaviors to my life with stunning manifestations and client results. You can too.

This is ancient wisdom, the teachings of the Law of Time that I am channeling into relevant application for our advancement as we make our journey through "Historical Materialism" more enlightened, fulfilling, and purposeful ride through the galaxy in planetary service. We are now in the Cycle of Return to Planetary Oneness.

I submit to you that CHANGE IS LOOSE ON THE PLANET! It is The Enlightened Entrepreneurs who will lead the way to wholeness in the realm of business and autonomous financial liberation. We were born for this time

At some level we all know there is more and higher "conscious" Light on our planet.  We all feel the vibration has shifted in us as a species. Time has accelerated and we must work out the complexities of our global state of Mind together as ONE.

I gotta say this here and now... If you're ONLY in it for the money.  This may not interest you. YET, that is.

Let's jump in starting with the 7 Lights. There is one for each day.  Beginning with the first 3:

  • ​Dali: For clear seeing of the working basis of enlightened behavior
  • Seli For direct understanding of the working basis of enlightened behavior.
  • Gamma: These are the vows that define the tireless dedication of the Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Together we rise. LOVE,

Doing it...

Developing Enlightened Inner Guidance
is mandatory for successfully
navigating the journey of
The Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Utilize this "Continuing Conscious" Framework.
It's called the *CQRER

You 'bout to scream😆 it's so simple!
Yet very powerful...

Here it is, the perfect "humanity Plus" success solution framework for developing Enlightened Inner Guidance.  

*Challenges are discovered by asking real powerful Questions to identify and attune to the Resonance, to get Enlightened Results.

This CQRER framework will help you maintain a state of "Continuing Consciousness" to master making conscious offers, build a brand you are proud of, and attract more by your ability to guide other humans from within to make ONE focused decision, without distractions.  

Question: In what ways do you see or feel you as an Enlightened Entrepreneur, can have a Positive Unfair Advantage in shaping a humanity-plus world?

We would love to hear from you.

I have to breathe on this one just thinking about it, OMG! When I asked questions of God, I definitely received answers. I didn't always understand them, though... nevertheless, I knew I was here for something BIG!!!!.

Mz. Felicia Muhammad,
          ~ From Doubt to Dollars

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Cultivating Continuing Consciousness

Your  Privacy is Sacred. 
We never sell your information.

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Multi-Dimensional Entrepreneur 

I love being at the forefront of change it's where I'm most comfortable.
It's magik!

4th Dimensional Hints:
1 - There is a shift away from everything you believe about how things come to you.

2 - An acceptance and allowing, a detachment from the "how it happens" must become the "new normal".

3 - You have a greater advantage in the times we live in now because the reality on the whole planet has shifted.

4 - The Love motive attracts.
Allow the resources to flow in through whosoever is inspired with a willing heart to help.

5 - You are using your "I Am" Power at every moment as a divine emanation of the One Infinite Creator.
Chose wisely in every now moment.