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We show you how to Future Proof your income in the new
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We Are All Satoshi… 
Bitcoin hits $30,000 today June 21, 2023.
$100K in 500 Days or less?!

WAAS Getting Started Instructions. We Are All Satoshi…
Get in where you fit in Brothers & Sisters, Kings & Queens.
Bitcoin to $100K in 500 Days for sure!

First Signal Flow  - Bitcoin to $100,000 in 500 Days!
Recorded on Wednesday  5-24-23   Topic: First Signal: Bitcoin to $100,000... How to Get Your Share!
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March 5, 2023
Crypto Clarity Conversation

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Shifa and Paul are Your New-Money Paradigm Tour Guides for
How to Prosper in the Bitcoin Economy

"With market indexes falling over 35% already…
And nearly half of all U.S. companies looking to lay people off…"


We helping entrepreneurs, couples and family offices navigate and create revenue-generating digital experiences and economic autonomy by design, rather than by chance.
Purposefully uncovering the emerging world of Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi,
Web 3 Commerce, the Metaverse, and NFT's.
Commanding our ability to Future Proof our Income.
Living legendary prosperous, autonomous, financially free lifestyles.


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